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Adventures of Superman
The 1952-1958 classic starring George Reeves - Superman's first, and still legendary, television adventure

Adventures of Superman was the first Superman TV series and it's honestly my favorite piece of Superman media, millenial though I may be. Sure, it's from a very different era and has different standards and expectations, but there's just a lot that it does that is just right and so special and that works so well.

Season 1

  1. Superman on Earth
  2. The Haunted Lighthouse
  3. The Case of the Talkative Dummy
  4. Mystery of the Broken Statues
  5. The Monkey Mystery
  6. Night of Terror
  7. The Birthday Letter
  8. The Mind Machine
  9. Rescue
  10. The Secret of Superman
  11. No Holds Barred
  12. The Deserted Village
  13. The Stolen Costume
  14. Mystery in Wax
  15. Treasure of the Incas
  16. Double Trouble
  17. The Runaway Robot
  18. Drums of Death
  19. The Evil Three
  20. Riddle of the Chinese Jade
  21. The Human Bomb
  22. Czar of the Underworld
  23. Ghost Wolf
  24. Crime Wave
  25. The Unknown People - Part 1
  26. The Unknown People - Part 2