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Adventures of Superman
Season 1 Episode 5: The Monkey Mystery

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In Central Europe, a scientist named Jan Moleska and his daughter Maria are on the run from the secret police. They briefly hide in a cave and Jan gives his daughter a locket containing a secret formula of grave importance. Sadly, Jan is captured, tortured and killed, but Maria gets away and manages to travel to America by plane.

In Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are amused by an organ grinder, Tony Urmenti, whose monkey wears a Superman costume. The monkey, named Peppy, also hands out papers with fortunes on them. When Lois gets her fortune, however, it's not a fortune at all, but rather a message having to do with the flights taken by Maria Moleska. She knows this is a big story and rushes back to the office, though she's careful to not make it obvious to Clark what's going on.

When she gets back to the office, she makes plans to take a flight and train to attempt to meet Maria. Jim Olsen comes in and they talk, with Lois explaining she got a tip from a strange source that she has to try following up on because of how big it could be. She eventually simply tells Jim that she got it from a monkey shortly before leaving.

Tony sends Peppy to climb up a pipe to an apartment and hand a note to a man who lives there, Harold Crane. The note, evidently handwritten by Tony, explains how the other note, the one that was given to Lois, was lost, and an approximation of its contents. In addition to being upset about the original note being lost, Crane believes that Tony is a risk to the mission due to the fact that he remembers the contents of the note and orders his henchman Max to kill him.

Perry White is angry about Lois having left without his permission and conveys his displeasure to Clark and Jim.

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  • A black man is briefly seen on the train. This is the first time a non-white actor is seen on the show.

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